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Luck Child Goldplated Pendant


This luck-child pendant depicts a child surrounded by 18ct gold vermeil flowers. The understated design is simple and elegant, with the gold vermeil adding an extra element of charm.

The piece is inspired by the celtic legend of the Luck Child. One day, three Irish cattle hearders came across an infant wrapped in a cloth embroidered with golden flowers. They decided to keep her safe by building her a house in the middle of the forest, nurturing her and teaching her to shoot an arrow, to play the flute and to tell the ancient stories and poems of Ireland. They began to fear as she grew older that they would no longer see her, or that the Luck Child would be taken away from them. One of the hearders exclaimed,

"Do not speak of trouble or sorrow when you speak of the luck child. One day she will come to her own, and she will give each of us his heart's wish"

One day when playing her flute, the King and his hound came across the Luck Child. She agreed to marry him, on the basis that the three hearderswould get their hearts wish, and be able to stay in the castle with her. They married, and she became the High Queen of Ireland.

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