Can Waterford Crystal be cleaned in a dishwasher?
House of Ireland does not recommend cleaning Waterford crystal in a dishwasher as the heat and abrasive cleaners may mark the surface of the crystal. In addition the crystal could without undue care knock against other items and consequently become chipped. Read additional care information in the Usage and Care insert included with the package of each piece.

Washing your glassware, a decanter or a vase
Waterford Crystal is a fragile work of craftsmanship to be treasured. It can last for many years if not a lifetime with the right care. We recommend you wash one piece of crystal at a time in warm soapy water, using mild soap or hand washing liquid. For stains, swirl a handful of uncooked rice in a solution of lemon juice or vinegar and warm water to remove residue inside a decanter or a vase. For tougher stains, try warm water with a denture-cleaning tablet, allowing it to soak.

When clean and dry, polish your crystal with a non-fluffy and lint free cloth to keep your crystal at its sparkling best. We also recommend Irish linen dry cloths to bring sparkle to your collection.

Waterford Stemware Rims and Stems
The finely made rim is the most fragile part of a crystal glass. Never place it upside down on a draining board or when storing. The careless knocking together of the glass rims can cause cracks. Do not hold the glass by the stem or the foot when washing or drying a bowl as the twisting motion thus produced will create undue pressure.

Can a chipped glass be repaired?
Sometimes it is possible to repair a chipped stem, though the quality of the repair depends largely on the capabilities of the shop. Ask your Waterford retailer to recommend a local repair facility.

Take care when cleaning your Waterford Crystal and you will be rewarded with treasures for a lifetime.

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