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Children of Lir Pendant

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Declan Killen pendant representing the four children of Lir, who were cursed to live as swans by their jealous step mother. A beautiful piece that takes inspiration from Irish heritage.


Declan Killen have been working at their Fade Street premises since they were established in 1985. Each piece is individually handcrafted and hallmarked. Each piece of Declan’s jewellery begins with a drawing of the design from which a master pattern is made.The basic shape of the piece is then cast, after which it is meticulously finished by hand thus creating a high quality piece of jewellery. The jewellery is made in silver, gold and platinum metals using all the traditional methods of craftsmanship and also incorporating modern techniques in the finishing processes.


 The Story is as follows:


King lir had four children, Fionnuala, Aodh, Fiachra and Con. Their mother the Aoibh, the Queen had died.Lir and children were very sad, and King wanted a new mother for his young sons and daughter, so he married Eva’s sister Aoife who, it was said, possessed magical powers. She was jealous of the time Lir spent with his children, but if she were to kill them, their ghosts would haunt her forever. One day, she took the children to swim in a lake while sun was hot in the sky. When they got there and the children took to water, Aoife used her powers to cast a spell over children, turning them into swans. They were to spend 900 years as swans; three hundred on Lake Derravaragh, three hundred on Straits of Moyle, and three hundred more on Isle of Inish Glora. The spell would only be broken when a church bell rang at the end of the curse. But Aoife’s spell had not taken away children’s voices, and so it was that these four beautiful swans could sing beautiful songs, and were able to tell their father what had happened to them. Lir, who had been searching for his children, came down to lake and saw Fionnuala, now a swan, who told him of the spell cast on them by Aoife. Enraged, he banished Aoife into the mist, and she was never seen again. As the years went by, the king passed away and the children were left to finish out their cursed time. After many years, they heard the holy bells ring. Following the sound, the children were brought to the house of a holy man, Caomhóg, who cared for them in their final years. One day as the bell tolled, a mist appeared and the spell was broken. The children aged rapidly, and knowing they would soon die, Caomhóg christened them so that theirlegend could live on. That night Caomhóg dreamed of four swans flying up through the clouds and he knew the children of Lir were at last on their way to be with their mother and father again.


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