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Genesis Cuchulainn Bronze Statue

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Genesis Cuchullain Bronze statue. The statue depicts the death of Cuchulainn, who died standing up. He is remembered in legend as a fierce and true Irish warrior.


Genesis was established in the lake district of Mullingar in 1980. Specialising in highly detailed Fine Art sculpture, each piece is designed in house by the Genesis designers. The high level of craftsmanship valued by genesis can be seen throughout the collection, most notably in the care with which the subjects is portrayed. Cuchulainn, born Setanta, was given his name (literally meaning 'the hound of Culann') after he killed Culann's fierce dog in self defence. Vowing to act in the place of the hound until a replacement could be reared, a number of spells were placed on him, including one forbidding him to eat dog meat. One night before battle, he was offered a meal by a group of elderly women, and not wanting to refuse hospitality, he accepted. It was a stew of hound meat which greatly weakened Cuchulainn. Having lost half his strength, Cuchulainn knew he would die. A true warrior, Cuchulainn wanted to die on his feet. Dragging himself to the nearest standing stone, he tied himself to it and gripped his sword. As he died, a raven tripped over his intestine, causing Cuchulain to laugh. He died, with a laugh in his mouth. He stood there for three days in death, with all his enemies to afraid to move him. One of them, Morrigan, took the form of the raven and perched on Cuchulainn's shoulder. When he did not move, they knew it was safe to disturb him.


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Brand Genesis
Measurements 8" Height
Composition Bronze
Product ID R24


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