Create Your Own

Ingredients :

  • A mix of fragrant eucalyptus, oak, pistachia, fern and mimosa, or simply choose your favourite foliage from the garden.
  • A mix of berries such as hypericum and rosehips.
  • Burnt orange roses including cherry brandy.
  • Peachy orange roses like vuvuzela.
  • Dahlias, asclepiad and brassica.

Instructions :

  1. First, place a newspaper on your table to catch any stems and waste. This will save time when cleaning up.
  2. Condition and trim all flowers and foliage stems. Lay these out carefully in individual piles so you are organised from the beginning.
  3. Create a mixed dome by crossing and turning your loose foliage as you add each stem. This will create a good shape and frame for your flowers.
  4. Place the roses in next, ensuring all angles are visible in your crystal vase.
  5. Next, add in the berries, dahlias, asclepias and brassica around the roses, making sure your flowers can be seen above the foliage.
  6. Once your flowers are sitting perfectly in your vase, cut the stems according to the vase height and tie off with complementary binding.
  7. Finally, sit back and admire your beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement.

Ruth Recommends :

  • As Thanksgiving is a busy time, make sure to prepare and create your flower display a day or two before the big day.
  • Invest in a pair of floristry scissors. These are available in garden centres and florists.
  • Keep your arrangement in a cool place until the day of Thanksgiving, to ensure it is perfect.
  • Enjoy the process of making your very own floral arrangement and be proud of your achievement!

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