Meab Enamels

Meab and Clair, the mother and daughter team at Meab Enamels pride themselves on crafting all of their collection of Irish gifts by hand. All work is carried out in their studio workshop in the midlands of Ireland.

Meab Enamels are genuine Irish handcrafted gifts produced in the heart of Ireland. The ancient art of enameling has been carried out in Ireland for centuries. This ancient Irish art was used to create exquisite gifts and also priceless objects such as the Ardagh chalice. An 'open fire' technique is used to create each piece. This process means that although color combinations can be similar no two designs are the same. Each piece of Meab Enamel jewelry is inspired by Irish Celtic design. The enamel piece that you choose will be crafted using the same colors that you choose but each design is slightly different. It will be individual to you!

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