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Lemongrass & Cedarwood Diffuser

HMS FSCL01 In stock

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Relax, unwind, breathe deep, as the delicious, calming blend of lemongrass and cedarwood works its fragrant magic on your room and your head space.


As the sweet exotic fragrance calms the mind, feel yourself sidestepping into a more peaceful slow lane. Breathe in and relax as the day's stresses simply melt away. This reed diffuser is made using a completely natural diffuser base, and essential oils only. Its fragrance is natural, gentle and lasting. Presented in traditional apothecary style glass, featuring our trademark illustrations, it’s a handsome jar for your front door, your guest room or anywhere you want to add a gentle welcoming touch. "Made with love, from nature, in our factory in Ireland."


Additional Information

Brand The Handmade Soap Company
Measurements 250 ml
Composition A solvent is used that is made from a renewable source.  With excellent solubilising power, low evaporation rate and low odor, this is the best diffuser base we have found. Scented with essential oils and essential oil distillates.


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