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This delicately scented moisturiser is suitable for all skin types: dry, sensitive, oily or combination, as the mandarin essential oil helps balance our skin’s sebum levels. Sebum is our skin’s natural oil and keeping it in balance is vital for healthy skin. Mandarin essential oil also smells sweet, gentle and uplifting and is a treat for sensitive skin. They’ve also blended both Calendula water and oil infusions so that you get the very best of what this super herb has to offer, especially its tissue repair properties. And finally they’ve added Sweet Almond oil as it keeps the outer layers of the skin soft by reducing water loss and keeping the skin hydrated.

This multi-tasking moisturiser can be used as both a day cream and a night cream, its natural oils sink deep into the skin locking in moisture.


Based in Cork, Bia is the Irish word for food, meaning they use simple but highly effective edible ingredients such as nut and seed oils, herbs, fruits and butters, or, “superfoods for the skin”. Your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you apply to it so their message is to feed your skin with natural ingredients. Founder Tracey Ryan has an honours degree in Herbal Science and uses this knowledge to select the best ingredients and to create products that nourish, repair and pamper the skin. The result is products that will give you all the benefits of a luxury brand at very affordable prices.


Additional Information

Brand Bia Beauty
Measurements 60 ml
Composition Aqua, Calendula officinalis, (Calendula) Prunus amygdalus, (Sweet Almond) Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, (Veg-based emulsifier) Glyceryl Stearate, (Veg-based emulsifier) Cetyl Alcohol, (Veg-based stabiliser) Glycerine, (Veg-based) Benzyl Alcohol, Salicyclic A


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