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Worry Stone

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Connemara Marble is world renowned for its unique green colour, its distinctive swirling veins of sepia and grey and the added sparkle of crystalline mica. Geologists estimate that the formation of Connemara Marble dates back 750 million years. This exceptionally rare marble reflects the ever-changing colours of the Emerald Isle, its landscape, mountains, lakes and coastline and as such no two pieces of Connemara Marble are alike. Steeped in myth and mystery Connemara Marble is said to bring serenity and good fortune to those who keep it close and is also the traditional gift between families who vow friendship through generations.


Hennessy & Byrne takes pride in creating beautiful, high quality and functional tableware and giftware from indigenous Irish stone, such as Connemara Marble, Kilkenny Limestone and Dublin and Wicklow Granite. Building on a family tradition of working with fine marble and granite which spans more than half a century, their products are entirely designed and handcrafted in their ‘Marbleworks’ on the grounds of Russborough House in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. All of their giftware is handcrafted by Eric Byrne, a second generation master stone mason with over twenty years experience working with the finest marble and granite from all over the world. Eric has always had a passion for Irish stone whether it’s the swirling green veins of Connemara Marble, the lustrous black shades of Kilkenny Limestone or the silver flecks of mica characteristic of Wicklow Granite. The ancient stone used in their designs was formed up to 750 million years ago, a fact which drives them forward in their efforts to capture the essence and beauty of these hidden treasures of nature to create something truly unique.


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Brand Hennessy and Byrne
Measurements 50mm x 30mm
Composition Connemara Marble


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